Reply to "MICH OFFLINE May 22,2001"

Ok with all??

Sounds like things are shaping up. If there is a vote, I vote for 7 o'clock for a kick off.

Say, while we are killing time to the big event, how's about all of us Michiganders sharing shopping info. "Favorite places to wine shop", "best wine prices", "won't go there if they paid me" etc...Also which on line internet sellsers are willing to ship to Michigan.

I'll go first.

Usually shop at world market (ann arbor & novi), village corner (ann arbor), taorellos (brighton), merchant's fine wines (dearborn), bella vino (plymouth), any of the hiller's stores, costco (northville and the one near pontiac) and numerous other small shops.

I find the best pricing at world market, bella vino, costco and merchant's fine wines.

The wine barrel in livonia, wouldn't go there on a bet. I was looking around for a 1954 "something" like a port, maderia or bdx. They had a 1954 port...get this...price...are you ready...$500.00. I passed.

I have not bought much from on-line stores, however have found that both Neal and Pride will ship to Michigan through Stagecoach.