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I am going to Mexico City and Cuernavaca in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone was aware of any new great restaurants in either location. I know of some of the famous places like the San Angel Inn or Las MaƱanitas in Cuernavaca, but I haven't been down there in a couple of years and would welcome dining recommendations.

Where in Mexico City are you going to stay? And what type of food? Obviously mexican food (any region) is great but you will be surprised with the quality of french, spanish, italian and steak houses. There are thousands of restaurant all around the city and its suburbs. I am familiar with the south part of Mexico City. Assuming that you are more interested in mexican food San Angel Inn is a great place for food and ambiance. I used to get the "sesos a la mantequilla negra" {cow brain cooked in black butter} that was before the boom of cattle CNS viral infections. The dish is similar to sweetbreads. I still order it if they have it on the menu.

For great "cocina poblana" Las Cazuelas de la abuela located in a strip mall in San Jeronimo. The "sopa de medula" (spinal cord soup) is to die for. Also try the chalupitas and the "enchiladas de leche" (milk enchiladas); pretty much anything on the menu is tasty and not expensive.

For carnitas go to Los Panchos in Polanco area.

For tacos al pastor go to any taqueria in coyoacan and finish with a sorbet in the famous helados coyoacan.

For great bone marrow sopes and mexican food go to La Fonda de San Jacinto, located in San Jacinto plaza; if you go there on a saturday you'll find the place packed with artist (painters and musicians). It's a nice experience

For Yucatan food La Fonda del Recuerdo in La Zona Rosa "The pink zone"

All these places are fairly well known locally (except for las cazuelas de la abuela, which is a hole in the wall but I really recommend it) so anyone in Mexico City should be able to direct you.

IMHO The culinary experience in Mexico City is top notch you just need to know where to go.