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Reply to "Menu suggestions"

Originally posted by BRR:
What did you end up serving, G-man? I'm curious, as this is something I'd like to do soon as well.

i put out an assortment of sliced breads. (english muffins/flatbreads/rolls)

with it i made 4 jams
olive tapenade (3 types of olives, a hint of lemon, some tahini, garlic)
bacon jam( bacon, onion, brownsugar, paprika, red pepper flakes, tomatoes)
tomato jam(tomatoes reduced, sun dried tomatoes, onions, garlic, thyme and basil)
onion jam(sliced onions, cumin, paprika, white sugar, balsamic vinegar)

fort he proteins I put out cured salmon, a huge spread of cheeses (courtesy of doubled) and some pulled pork and some stir fried shrimp.

for fillers i had roasted veggies

for sauces, there was honey, balsamic and greek yogurt.

some people just picked at the various toppings seperately that made me think that i should have also made some rice as a starch base but others were having fun making the sandwiches themselves.

the nice thing is that it can be all prepped the day before and heated up the day of and doesnt require the chef to do anything other special plating as the guests put together their own "dish" themselves.

I put out 3 champers, 2 rhones, 1 rioja, 1 sake, 2 cali cab, 1 sauterne, 2 ports.

all made decent pairings with combos of the various foods