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Reply to "May June 2019 Classics"

vincentric posted:
vertigo888 posted:
csm posted:

Anyone get any Winston Churchill?  I logged in at 8:32 and it was gone.  Stupid work. 

Got 3. Probably should have gotten 6. 

Logged on when at 8:30 on the button, added 3 to cart.  Went to check out.  Zero.  Shut out.  IIRC, 3 was the limit.   Did get 6 of the Moreau Les Clos.  I had a bottle of the 2014 Moreau Les Clos a few weeks ago - stunning despite it's youth.   Excellent value there imo even if the current release isn't up to the level of the 2014. 


I wish I could say that the KGBO thought that having 3 as the limit would be reasonable on 34 bottles. It was 6. 6 was the limit to this wine.

Our tax dollars hard at work.