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Reply to "May 2019 - What Are You Drinking"

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2011 Roda I

More like an old-world styled CA Cab or more modern Bordeaux. Loads of graphite pencil shavings, dark black raspberries, juicy cassis with enough acidity to make it a good food wine. A little beef blood, but I don’t know if I would have picked up on it if I didn’t know to look. Long finish. High quality and reasonably good value @ +/- $70. 92(+?)

Saw for a little over 50 euro at duty free in Madrid airport last week

Duty free is a terrible place to buy wine. It's 33 Euro at the winery and 44 Euro at Vila Viniteca in Barcelona.

Love that wine though.

Bought the 2008 at Lavinia in Madrid for 40 Euro.