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Reply to "Mark Herold's of Merus new wine call Ardore"

Originally posted by gfoster:
I think when you look at the big picture it's not the inexpensive wines that put Napa Valley on the's the high end ones... I also think when you make less than 1000 cases per year your cost to produce off the scale... I also think that it's guys like Mark Herold and other small wine-makers are the ones that will keep pushing the bar higher for the guys who take short cuts to wine making. I don't know much about his new wine Ardore, but if it's a $200.00 bottle of wine...good for them...I will drink my less expensive wine during the week and save the good wine for that special day.


gfoster Welcome to the Wine Spectator Forums!

Yes, Napa Valley Wineries have been making quality wines for years, but they were only charging $35/$40 per bottle. Pricing has outstripped inflation, by far! CPA's, Investment Bankers, Healthcare professionals, and Business Executives have moved to Napa, making small production wines at abnormally high prices, which capitalizes into property value increases. Now that's a great business, but to the detriment of many long termed wine collectors, as it forces all wine prices to increase.

SE, Harlan, L&M, and other outrageously priced Cabernet, have not been good for many wine collectors, but only good for the owners of those properties. If Ardore prices in a reasonable manner, I wouldn't mind giving it a try, but I'm not interested purchasing a bottle that hasn't ever been released or reviewed, at $100+ per bottle.

Has Ardore even been reviewed by Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, Steve Tanzer, etc. or have to tasted Ardore? Are you connected or acquainted with Ardore, gfoster?