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Reply to "March 2019 - What Are You Drinking?"

over the weekend:

2017 Thymiopoulos Xinomarvo Jeunes Vignes - like a greek beaujolais.  Very quaffable with enough going on to keep it interesting

2017 Domaine Ostertag Reisling les Jardins - good value entry level reisling. Great acidic cut.

2015 Eric Texier St. Juien en St. Alban - just a baby.  Earthy, red fruits & very clean for a texier.

2017 Bianco di Ampeleia - Like i said when i returned it "i know its a weird wine.  I know its supposed to be orange, but this is corked - all wet cardboard - dont believe me? you try it".

2017 Jean-Claude Chanudet 'La Cuvee du Chat' - like the greek wine above, but legit bojo origin and les tannic influence.  Crunchy, bright red fruit with enough going on to keep it interesting.

2016 Caespes Poggio Timorasso - My first timorasso - very full mouth feel, brusied apple/pear notes with lemon acidity.  Notes of straw/hay.  Will definetly seek out more timorasso.

2015 Vietti Perbacco - a wine i have long been a fan of, but this vintage let me down.  came across muted and one-dimensional.  lacked the ususal tannic backbone and acidity i associate with this cuvee.  Could be the heat, could be that some of the better grapes went to other cuvees, or something else entirely.  Glad i tried it before buying a case.