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At Bern’s

1991 Berlinger Private Reserve  x 2 from magnum

1974 Inglenook Petite Sirah

1937 Marquis de Terme Margaux

😮 details please

The Beringer was quintessential aged Cali cab. This has a long life ahead of it though.  Still very young. 

The ingelnook was one of the more interesting wines I’ve had.  Never had one that old and it was gorgeous.  The texture was what I will recall. $65 on the list 😳😳

With our steaks, we had the Margaux which was was incredible.  Fill level was still into the neck and the aromas filled the room as it was being decanted  simply incredible. 

We wanted the ‘21 or ‘12 chateau Margaux but both were gone sadly  


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