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Last night with Tyee and Mrs Tyee:

- MV Krug Grand Cuvée -- big yeasty nose, lots of pear, lemon pie, licorice, orange, melon, ginger, white and toast flavours all swirling on the palate, rich and complex, showing more on each sip and as it warmed up, long finish, magnificent; one of the best NV Champagnes I can recall ever drinking and the best Krug Cuvée I've had in years, from 163eme disgorgement 2014

- 2003 Albert Mann Gewürztraminer GC Furstentum Vieilles Vignes -- floral and lychee nose, similar in the mouth with some ripe peach/apricot added, apple, baking spices, lovely texture, medium-long finish; not quite at the level of the previous three vintages of this wine, but still very good; time to drink up, I think

- 2001 Phelps Insignia -- big sturdy Cab, cassis and berries, some cedar, some tobacco, pretty monolithic, smooth and powerful but lacks complexity; has presence but perhaps not as enjoyable as expected, might soften and open a little bit more in time but I wouldn't expect any significant improvement over what it is now, a good wine that paled in comparison to the other red

- 2004 Domaine du Pégau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Réservée -- a bit of funk on the nose at first, but it blew off shortly in the decanter; nose and palate evolved over the course of the evening, very enjoyable wine to sip, dark plum, berries, white pepper, licorice, pipe tobacco, lavender, lots of garrigue that showed increasingly on the nose over time, rich on the palate, good acidity, very long finish with velvety tannins; a powerhouse that can probably still go for years

- 2005 J J Prüm Riesling Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese -- powerful apple, apricot, lime flavours, electric acidity, some mineral, some brown sugar, extremely long lip-smacking finish; really outstanding, very Prüm


It's been a while since we've had an evening where every wine showed showed so well. Tyee and I agreed that if we had to pick a best of show, the Krug and the Pégau would be the winners, but I think any wine lover would be happy to drink any of these beauties. Friends, I wish all of our wine nights could be so successful!

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