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Reply to "Major League Baseball 2017"

Originally posted by irwin:
The season starts Monday.
The league and the players have agreed to a rule change which is designed to speed up the games. When a fielding team desires to walk a batter intentionally, it will be permissible to simply so indicate to the home team umpire, and the batter will be sent to first, rather taking the time to lob 4 pitches outside.
Last season, there were 932 intentional walks- an average of 0.38 per game. So, in around 62% of the games it won't matter. In the games where there is an intentional walk, this will save perhaps 45 seconds to a minute.
Put another way, the game has been shortened by about 1.5 pitches per game.
Talk about incremental.

I cannot let your math slide. If there was an average of 0.38 intentional walks per game then the chances that fewer than 75% of games had no intentional walks is very low; as games surely occurred with two or more intentional walks.

Carry on...