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Reply to "Live from the 2010 Corra release party"

Originally posted by fusionstorm:
Greetings everyone! It's that time of the year again where I do my live report from the Corra release party in St. Helena (not a cloud in the sky and currently 90+ degrees). My report from the '09 Corra release is here:

Once again Celia & Kari have welcomed the Corra faithful, and they didn't disappoint us. The 2010 is sublime IMO, and the 2006 was also poured. Unfortunately, the Lindstrom crew was not able to attend to pour their small production (and tasty) cab.

The 2010, while not at the level of the superb 2007, is a strong contender for the second best slot in Corra's history (which is definitely more than faint praise). Nose is a mélange of dark fruit and berries, and the color is almost a pitch black. Even at a near "pop and pour" timeframe from bottle to tongue, it is very approachable in its infancy. An initial spark of pepper and purple plum morphs into a smooth cocktail of creme de cassis and raspberry with an underlying hint of shiso leaf. The finish is easily 45+ seconds, although the small and lively room for the release party isn't conducive to serious contemplation. While this is delicious now, this has the legs and backbone to comfortably rest for a dozen years IMO. For those who might be worried that Corra has "jumped the shark" with their recent increase in pricing of $10 per bottle, in my humble opinion the increase is "mice nuts" compared to what Celia and Kari are producing.

Lest I forget, the 2006 has evolved nicely. Still dark purple in color, the nose evokes orange peel and coriander with some menthol in the background. Mouthfeel is velvety, tannins have smoothed out but lurk beneath, and there's a kind of cool blood orange and graphite characteristic that's more than pleasing. This has hit its stride, and while its got a couple more years before you're "tempting fate", I've made a mental note to crack open my '06s over the next 9-12 months.

Till next year....... Smile

Many thanks for the notes... passed on my allocation this year but may seek some out now.