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Reply to "List the bands/artists you like that prove how cool you are."

Wow, music to play to show my cred, eh?

1) Morphine, especially "Yes" on vinyl. Heck, I'll keep all vinyl for even more geek bonafides....

2) To prove my coolness, I guess I'd have to spin Miles Davis' "Birth of Cool" and show people the crazy cool cover.

3) John Cage's 4'33." But, I actually have the double length 9'06" re-mix and the really hard to find 17'05" "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" re-mix that is exactly the same length as the Iron Butterfly song.

4) Neil Young's killer version of "Tonight's the Night."

5) "Kenny G Plays Satchmo," with liner notes by Pat Metheny. If they've already heard that, then Charlie Haden's "Beyond the Missouri Sky."

All while serving Jewel of Russia "Ultra" vodka, of course.

Raise one's glass and proclaim "За женщин!"