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Reply to "Learning to smell"

Originally posted by Board-O:
Ever post about wine, indyb0b? Try it sometime. You might like it.

Ever not be an A-hole B.O.? Try it sometime. You might like it.

The thing is, I don't know as much about wine as you do. I'm learning from the good people here all the time. I have fun posting, sometimes on wine, some on other stuff, but the bummer for you is you're just an A-hole who takes pleasure in bullying folks around. You're the punk who picked on little kids in elementary school and took their lunch money. I'm the guy who moved into town, doesn't care who your friends are, slapped you around and made you run home crying to mama.

You define the new and overused term: Cyberbully. Others take your stupid condescending crap, but I don't. I can keep this up for as long as you'd care to. Your choice, I'm not going anywhere.

(everyone's Popcorn cooking away? Wink)
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