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Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
Thanks for the responses. The Pimsleur course is totally audio, with an emphasis on getting the student up and running quickly on "conversational" Italian. No reading or writing involved. I am almost done with the intro course, and find it to be a reasonably well done course. The Rosetta Stone DVD program also includes voice recognition components, which is appealing.

Re: Japanese. I believe you! I was born and raised in Japan, and the language is tough to learn, and extremely tough for a Westerner to read and write. Immersion in any language is a great way to learn quickly.

Any one else with any specific experience with these courses?


Have Rosetta Stone French coming...will try to give you an opinion. Let me know how Pimsleur works out in the end.

Sadly, I never learned Japanese (my mother is) although I wish I did... Frown

I agree withthe level of immersion needed. ALso perhaps taking more traditional style course with additional grammar and vocab will help (We will be doing this in addition to Rosetta), but it may be time to spend your vacations on the Italian Riviera!