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Reply to "LCBO Price Alert"

The Crossroads location (Weston/401) will be the dumping ground for a ton of clearance/bin end product over the next weeks/months. I was told upwards of 7,000 cases. The first wave arrived yesterday and so far the sale is underwhelming.

A dozen or so cases of each of the following:

2009 Quinta do Portal Peccatore Red Douro # 361980 @ $7.95
2013 Las Moras Reserve Chardonnay # 270025 @ $6.45
2011 VIP Pinot Grigio # 272351 @ $6.45
The Beachhouse Red Shiraz/Mourvedre/Viognier # 223453 @ $6.95
2013 Los Arboles Malbec # 66696 @ $6.95
2013 Domaine de Pellehaut Blanc # 319665 @ $9.95
2013 Luigi Bosca Finca la Linda Syrah # 223651 @ $6.95

There was more, but it was too depressing to catalog.

Apparently more, and different, product will hit the floor on a daily basis as space is cleared out. Some product will be single cases and some will be full skids. As far as I know, there's no way to search for the clearance items on the website, and the store staff are unwilling/unable to provide a list of what's coming, let alone what's already on the floor.

If anyone is at Crossroads and sees anything of interest, please post your findings.