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Reply to "LCBO Price Alert"

Originally posted by Wine Beagle:
Actually, Sunny, I had a very recent negative experience.
I returned a bottle of 2003 Balgownie Estate Shirez because it had a fault in there. The bottle was no longer active in their system.
I managed to find it on, and used the product ID for them to search in the vintages system. Lo and behold, the found the bottle, but the name spelt "Bagownie" - that's right, it was missing an "L".
Did I ever look like a criminal? I had the staff and the supervisor on duty telling me that it was "definitely" a different wine even though I proved to them that there's no "Bagownie Estate", and the picture on the BaLgownie website looks identical to the one I brought to them. Of course, they disregard the record that was correct on
They insisted there's nothing they could do, because the spelling was incorrect. They sent me to a different store with a product consultant that could make the connection.

This is priceless... a bottle called Bag-O-Winey? Winner It should have doubled the price of admission!