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Reply to "LCBO Price Alert"

Originally posted by Darcy Kelley:
Nothing really caught my eye on the whole list. And 20% off really isn't a sale. It probably brings some of the wines close to US retail prices, at best.

Greg H, the LCBO never transfers wine unless it's at the full retail price. When you have no real competition, you don't have to make the effort.

IMO the wines which are worth buying are:

RIESLING SP√ĄTLESE 2007 Wehlener Sonnenuhr (Wegeler) $27.60
BAROLO LA VILLA 2004 (Seghesio) $52.65
BAROLO GINESTRA 2004 (Paolo Conterno) $51.05

I think both the Seghesio and Wegeler are a little below US pricing. Paolo Conterno isn't imported to the US.