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Reply to "LCBO Price Alert"

Originally posted by Stevey:
Looks like more wines have been reduced to clear. E.g., the Schubert Pinot Noir recommended by nicos in a previous thread has been reduced to $32 from $38.

Another that caught my eye is the 2002 Bon Pasteur Pomerol reduced from $69 to $66. The $3 off was what caught my eye. Why even bother? Roll Eyes

I find this sale interesting.... The 1500mL bottle of the 2007 Little Penguin Chardonnay is selling for $12.95 -- while the 750mL bottle of the same product is still $10.95 . Seems to be a deal if you like Chardonnay.

BTW I took as much of the Le Clos as possible and moved it lickity split.... at $22.95 a proverbial deal.

Wait till you see the next round of De-List for Sale coming soon... Am working on a 'good' version to be posted that offers as much detail as possible regarding press received for each wine being marked down.