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Reply to "LCBO Price Alert"

Originally posted by on the wine:
Given the popularity of the many LCBO-bashing threads that criticise them for charging too much and not letting us have enough high rating-point wines, I thought its time to stop sawing that same old log and take a different road.

So here's my first price alert...

2003 Azelia Barolo has been reduced from $53 to $42

It may not be your very best Barolo, but a good buy at the new price. Some stores don't seem to realise this has happened and their shelf stickers still reflect the original price, but you will get the lower price when you go to cash out.

Thanks for the heads up, good idea for a thread BTW.
The LCBO has this 90-91 point Barolo on sale as well, SEGHESIO BAROLO VIGNETO LA VILLA 2003
Was $55 now $43.00 Smile