Lapponia Arctic Brambleberry Liqueur (Finland)

Yes, this is an unusual tasting note, but one I think worth it.

This is an airplane bottle that my dad got when he'd fly to Finland (Finair) on business fairly often. He'd just put them in shoeboxes and stash them away in the basement in suburban Denver.

When I was much younger, in high school, I would raid them, and I got several of these. I haven't tasted this one in probably 5 years, and the other day I had the last one. It's probably 15 to 20 years old.

The bottle says 50 mL, enough for winebrat and I to have a small glass of each (I poured into tasting glass....similar to the kind INAO certifies, they are small glasses that tightly taper at top). It also says 42 proof, and the back label says bottled by Marli, Finland.

The color was like tea, a medium brown.

The smell was very interesting, and whatever a brambleberry is, this must have been the dominant smell. It had some live berry fruit, a pine/resin/juniper smell, and there was only a detectable trace of alcohol.

The taste was most rewarding. It had the mouthfeel of a very old sherry, being super viscous but only slightly sweet and alcoholic given the viscosity. It seemed cold and silky.

I'm wondering if anyone might know about this product and if it's available anywhere?

-Vitis Vinifera in Lodi
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