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Reply to "lamb pairing suggestion"

grunhauser, you were serious! I thought you were being facetious. White Port is what I would call a "daring" match, I think, though I can see how it would complement the cous-cous. Let us know how it worked.

Posted by mowineguy2:
i don't think i'm going to find Chateau Musar here in Modesto. What kind of grape/wine type is it most like?

Musar is rather a unique wine, but if I had to name the wine it's closest to, I'd say Chateauneuf du Pape (but with some Bordeaux tobacco and lead pencil characteristics thrown into the mix). It has pretty wide distribution. You'd know better than I, of course, but it's likely that a good wine shop in Modesto, or somewhere nearby, would either have it or know how to get it. Good hunting.


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