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Reply to "Laguna Beach"

billhike posted:

The non-wine info contributor usually drives the testiness.

A wine info contributor wrote something which this "non-wine info contributor", who knows astronomy, knew couldn't be. I wrote a response in a non-testy, factual matter:

"Also as some of you know I'm into astronomy. The earliest is (sic) the sun sets in Palm Springs is 4:45pm. In the southern states "astronomical twilight", or what most people think of as night, occurs approximately 70 minutes later. In northern states it's closer to 100 minutes."

No attack,no testiness, just a statement of fact. The wine info contributor responded by changing what he had said from "Think pitch dark by 430" to "No more sun." I think even most wine info contributors can see that he's totally changed what he was saying. He also took a shot at this non-wine contributor by suggesting I was just Googling my information. Remember I go out to a desert regularly that is surrounded by mountains and is only a hundred miles south and in a almost direct line (longitude) from Palm Springs. Because of my interest in the night sky I pay attention to the sun's conditions year round. (And for what it worth isn't really that much different than in San Diego.)

So this astronomically knowledgeable person tried (again without any testiness) to correct a wine info contributor. I tried kid gloves because I know that the wine info contributor has some real animosity toward this non-wine info contributor. (As of course so do you.) I really tried not to be testy, but I'm sorry, I know when the sun sets in Palms Springs and and I know when it's night in Palm Springs and it has nothing to do with mountains.

So Bill there it is, I corrected something about astronomy which I indeed know more about than wine. I'm sorry that I so frequently upset you.

--A non-wine contributor.

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