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Reply to "Lafite goes where no wine has gone before"

Originally posted by Beachrooster:
I hope you don't mind me asking, but I been considering selling as well. Which auction house did you send your wine to. How much did it sell for and how much did they charge you. Were you happy with the transaction??? Thanks
Originally posted by wineismylife:
Originally posted by Red guy in a blue state:
Are you selling?

Not quite. I just sent off a case of 2000 Carruades in OWC to auction to ride the coat tails of big brother Lafite. Wink

wiml, hope you don't mind me answering this.

Beachrooster, wiml's case of Carruades de Lafite is part of our Winter Live Auctions on December 5th. I work for Spectrum Wine Auctions which is just down the street from you, we are located in Irvine.

Seller's commission starts at 10% and goes down based on the total value of your consignment.

I am currently traveling and will be back in the office next week. If you would like to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call, we can chat further on what you would like to do.


Powell Yang
e-mail: "my moniker" at spectrumwine dot com
888.982.1982 ext 187