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Reply to "Lafite goes where no wine has gone before"

Originally posted by WineJones1:
Hi All.

I am a regular reader of the forums, even though I don't participate often.

I am always interested in 1st growth for my collection. If any of you are interested in selling you can reach me at WineJones at

send me your list and price. I don't believe in the auction values, but I have no problem paying fair market for well stored bottles. I figure that most of you walk the walk as much as talk the talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Based on the article (and if my conversion factor of 1.6 $ to pound is correct) a bottle of 00 Lafite would be selling for about $12k Eek! that would get my attention. Otherwise, I will hang on to the few that I have and enjoy them myself someday. Welcome to the forums.