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Reply to "Knives"

Originally posted by Vinaigre:
Anyone use or have any F.DICK Knives ?
(I'm serious: WEBSITE ).
One of my friend who is a chef was saying good things about them.
He really liked the Santoku with Teflon coating (See the WACS series).
Any feedback?

I have an F. Dick 10 inch "Premier" stainless. It's typically German in style, forged, with a bolster, and curved both top and bottom as it nears the tip, but I suspect it's heavier than a similar size Henkel or Wusthoff. I don't use it that often, but when there's a job that calls for that size and weight I'm glad I've got it.

My informal impression is that the steel is a bit harder than Henckel or Wusthoff stainless. That makes it a bit harder to sharpen, but I think it holds an edge a bit longer.

It's certainly a well-respected brand.