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Reply to "Knives"

i followed this topic for month now and it's really
interesting how many diffrend oppinions they have.

i'm very interessted in knife and as a chef with
21 years experience and worked togheter with chefs
who had diffrend knifes.
have seen diffrend knife-oners who took care of the knife and others did not.
chefs using knifes just dosn't cut, "you could ride on without cutting youre b..! Wink"

what i wanted to say is that a really big part
of the "how well dos this knife cut" comes from
who/how someone takes care of it!

certainly are differences between cheapest stuff and expensiv knifes!

highend knifes also need an extrem high expens to take accurate care.

one of them are windm├╝hlenmesser