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Reply to "Knives"

Originally posted by dwIII:
I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Kershaw's Shun knives - the ones that are quasi-Damascus steel. They are beautiful, well-balanced, easy to maintain and not so expensive for an 'exotic knife".

The chef and sous-chef at our restaurant use them and I've given them a spin. After doing so, I sent my venerable Henckel 8 in. chef's knife (which I liked a lot) to a knife-poor friend of mine as a gift and am planning to buy a 10 in. Shun. It costs around $100 - 130 but is well worth the money. I *really* love the Damascus steel patterns...

Now if I can only get the money :chuckle:.

Here's a link to a closeup shot of one:

Note that I'm not endorsing this site.

I actually meant to add that one downside to these knives is the fact that the handle is cylindrical and not contoured. It *is* a tapering cylinder to be sure, but some people might find the handle off-putting, espcially if they are used to contoured handles. They take a little bit of getting used to (I didn't like it at first but later ended up preferring it). Those with large hands might also find the handle too skimpy, alhough our sous chef has very large hands and he loves the handle. I can't emphasize how much our chef and sous chef praise these knives. They put them through a lot of hard use and they say that these knives seem easier to sharpen, keep their edge a little longer and are easy to maintain day in and day out.