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Reply to "Knives"

As a professional chef who has used them all:
Hands down Globals are the best.

They are completely sanitary due to their one piece design

They will last longer (in terms of shape fidelity) because they don't have the hilt that the Henkel's and the Wustofs have. The hilt prevents the entire plane of the knife from being sharpend causing the knife to wear unnaturally over time.

They are easier to sharpen and stay sharp longer.

High carbon knives are terrific too as long as you don't cut vegetables with them (causes the knife to rust and the vegetables to turn brown).

A big reason why japanese sushi knives get so sharp is not just the metal but the design. Sushi knives only have one plane to sharpen. That is the knife has a flat back side and a long sloping front side so you only sharpen the one side. This design makes a lot of sense because when you sharpen regular knives you are constantly working against your edge when you flip the knife over to sharpen the other side.