Reply to "June 2018 - What are you drinking?"

csm posted:

Saturday night at Richmond Station

2006 Marc Hebrart Special Club - a little appley for me, still needs time

2009 Mount Eden Chardonnay - delicious and still plenty of life ahead of it

2010 - Ridge Estate CS - still youthful but starting to enter its drinking window.  Really nice.

2013 - Ridge Estate CS - A bruiser for sure.  Don't touch for at least 5 more years.  Good potenital

2014 - Ridge Estate CS - surprisingly good for such a young wine.  Won't be a long ager, but still really good juice.

Good morning. This strikes me as having the makings of a memorable wine event. Congratulations to those involved. I am very much a Ridge Estate aficionado and I would agree wholeheartedly that the 2013 vintage is one for the ages and will require considerable more time before it is approachable. It is my opinion that the 2009 and 2010 vintages are worthy of opening at the moment, although both will benefit from time in a decanter.

csm, have you had much experience with Ridge wines? While the Monte Bello is truly in a class of its own I would state with confidence that the Estate wine strides only a few paces behind its big brother (or sister, or perhaps even its non-binary sibling, depending upon your point of view).

I wish you well in your continued exploration of the wines of Ridge.

Derek B