Reply to "July 2018 - What Are You Buying?"

A quick tour of Niagara yesterday. No detailed list of what we tasted, but suffice to say that the wines I bought were my favourites at each location.

Leaning Post
Some decent Chards and Rieslings, especially the Wismer wines, but little that was worth buying. Wasn't a fan of their Pinots. Too much beetroot. Ended up buying a few of the Geek Riesling. Interesting process and profile.

3 x 2015 Leaning Post Riesling The Geek

Hidden Bench
A big step up from Leaning Post IMHO. Didn't try the Pinots, but very much enjoyed their Chards and Rieslings. Also enjoyed their 2013 Natur Zero Dosage sparkler. Bought 3 each of the following:

3 x 2014 Hidden Bench Riesling Roman's Block 
3 x 2014 Hidden Bench Chardonnay Felseck

Some very good wines - both red and white. Liked the Gamays and Chards. Bought the following:

2 x 2014 Malivoire Chardonnary Moira Vineyard
2 x 2015 Malivoire Cabernet Franc

Pearl Morissette
Always save the best for last. Was able to get a tasting appointment for the last slot of the last day they were offering tastings until probably later this year. Had an unexpected bonus: winemaker Brent Rowland conducted the tasting for us. Great guy. Ran through 6 bottles, plus a pour of the current Cab Franc from stainless. It'll hopefully be bottled in a month or two. My favourite of the day was the 2013 Black Ball Riesling, but I already have a bunch of that so instead I bought my other two favourites:

3 x 2016 Pearl Morissette Chardonnay Cuvée Métis Blanc
3 x 2014 Pearl Morissette Cabernet Franc Cuvée Madeline