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Reply to "January 2020 - What are you drinking?"

Last night with the BMan's, Mimik and my better half at Lannes et Pacifique.

2008 H. Blin, Champagne, Millisime

2016 CVNE, Rioja, Monopole Blanco

2005 Domaine de la Janasse, CdP, Chaupin

2011 Peter Michael, Les Pavots

2008 Sadie Family, Columella

2005 Chateau Pavie Macquin, St. Emilion

Everything showed well. Hard to pick a WOTN, but it might have been the Pavie Macquin which surprised me after a really poor showing of this wine in August with some of the Chicago group. This bottle was excellent, which gives me hope for my last bottle. The Pavots was outstanding also. My least favourite red was the Chaupin.

First time for us at this BYOW resto. Food was very good. The place would be noisy on a busy night which it wasn't luckily for us. Will go back.