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Reply to "January 2019 - What Are You Drinking?"

steve8 posted:
azwiese posted:

Enjoyed a great night out with old friends at an old fave...though we missed the crazy moon 

1999 Chapoutier Ermitage Blanc L’Oree

2005 Chateau Pavie Macquin

How were these Azwiese? I have a couple of the 05 Pavie Macquin's and was tempted to open one recently. I don't have the 99 De L'Orée, but do have a few more recent vintages (09-11) and am very curious to know how they age.

On a side participation in the Euro football thread?

Well the other people at the table are all forumites, so they can chime in as well.  I thought the Chapoutier was good. I think it may have suffered in my eyes from being in comparison with the super young 2016 Telegraphe Blanc, which I really enjoyed. It was much more subtle, showing a bit of honey and peaches, with maybe a muted nose, but again, it may have been because I had just tasted the Telegraphe.  One of those days where the flavors of the younger wine were more to my liking, but this wine was certainly able to age.  I had to look it up, but you did have the 98 L'Oree when you came to SD many, many years ago (also provided by SD Wineaux) and it was our wine of the night!

The Pavie Macquin was probably my favorite red of the night (though they were all showing well minus the 1994 BDM).  I thought it was well balanced, with good fruit, but nothing you'd mistake for California.  Dark fruits with a velvety mouthfeel.  I usually rely on these guys for guidance on the readiness of older Bordeaux (if we are calling 14 years older), but I liked the place it was in.  If you look for those tertiary characteristics, I think you'll have a lot more waiting to do.  

As for the soccer thread, I'll get back into it.  I've begun to see why people get bored with the same teams always at the top. The year Leicester won was magical and I don't think I appreciated it enough.  Plus I'm bummed that my favorite players have all had bad things happen (Pulisic to Chelski, Ozil to the bench, Ramsey to Juve).