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Reply to "January 2019 - What Are You Drinking?"

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2007 Querce Bettina BDM - last one.  Really good juice, shady cork. 

Can you say a bit more about the cork?  I recently opened an 06 Riserva which was shipped directly from QB to the US.   I noticed the cork from my bottle had wine stains about halfway up and there were vertical lines from the bottom of the cork.  I thought it was interesting.

I can't answer for Mangiare but the only bottles I've seen with suspect corks have been the 07 normale. I haven't seen any on any bottles from 2004-2006. I do have a couple of 07 Riservas, but haven't opened any yet. Hopefully they weren't stoppered with the same batch of corks as the normale.

I've heard numerous reports of cork issues with QB.  Vincentric had multiple bottles of 2010 Rosso with corks stained all the way to the top and/or signs of leakage.  On the Wine has had many issues with '04 normales (though I don't know if it was TCA or leaky corks) and most of the bottles I've opened '04 through '10 have corks stained farther up than expected for their age.  Like mangiare said, when the wines are on, they're beautiful but I think it's safe to say they need a new cork supplier if they haven't switched yet.  I have not tried anything more recent than a 2010, so this may be a long-resolved issue. 

I have bought 17 bottles of the 2004 normale.  All of the 04's were purchased in Montalcino during 2010/11, most from the winery and a few from Bruno Dalmazio's enoteca.  Of these, I have opened 12 so far.  They all had corks that appeared to be quite porous with irregular air pockets.  I'm generally not bothered about seepage as long as the wines taste good.   Problem was that 5 of the bottles were severely corked, while the other 7 ranged from acceptable to very good.  (I'm generally not very sensitive to corked wine, so there may have been one or two of the 7 that were marginally flawed.)  This is not a good ratio, and I do believe the problem lies in poor quality corks. 

Since then I have bought a couple of the 2006 riserva and 2010 normale from the agent in Quebec, but I haven't opened any of these yet so can't say anything about the corks in more recent vintages.