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Reply to "It’s October folks - what wines are you guzzling?"

spo posted:
mimik posted:

With Thanksgiving dinners,

2006 Faustino gran reserva I rioja

2015 Chateau le puy Émilien (great Qpr)

2017 Riesling Julien Schaal Dchoenenbourg Gypse grand cru( a steal for 28$)

Hey Mimik, how did you like that Faustino?

I like Faustino because dollar for dollar it’s  hard to beat for an aged wine that is enjoyable and affordable. It’s not the greatest vintage but it’s typical Faustino rioja with gallops of oak and with some red fruit. This is not a wine that will develop more in the bottle beyond say 5 years. After 2 days in my fridge, it fell apart. But very nice in my opinion