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Reply to "It’s October folks - what wines are you guzzling?"


2016 Poggerino, Chianti Classico

Solid CC. From my limited tasting so far 2016 is another strong vintage for Chianti, although not as good as 2015.

2016 CVNE, Rioja, Monopole Blanco

Really interesting wine. I was afraid it would be another one of these white riojas made in a slightly oxidized style, but thankfully not despite the fact they do blend in a little sherry. Nutty and citrus flavours.

2004 Clos Triguedina, Cahors, The Black Wine

Huge. Opened up with some air in a decanter. How many years does this wine need? Will I be taking a dirt bath before the bottle of 2009 I have is really ready?

2008 Stefania, Cabernet Sauvignon, Crimson Clover

Drinking really well, but could still use some time. I have one bottle left, which I'll hold until it is 15.