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Reply to "iron notes"

i agree with schoolmarm,

but i feel different on the ps.

i beleve that we do not taste with the tongue or nose but we do both with our brain!

the nose and tongue are only rezepors, and the feelings are composed at the brain, that is also the reason that pepole have different words-feelings-memorys and so on for the same aroma and the same "aroma-loudness".

i agree with that tong has 5 (i dont know what umami is) sweet, bitter, salt, sour, pain (pain for hot food) but pain is not a taste is a mouthfeeling like grip, velvet, dry, oily, prickle, sticky and so on.
if you combine this sentences and the different intensitys, and the different composity, (matematecly) you'll get a huge diversity without adding the diversity of the nose.
(i only mentioned that because people often beleve that the tong is "a stupid thing" that has only 5 different signals!)

for me iron is a taste also found in riesling special in germans, a mineralic-metallic taste that is sharp and fresh, if a similar taste is also mineralic-metallic but darker (terz aroma)
as i find in the mentioned reds i would rater say lead.
some soils are red from the hight iron content, why should the wine don't show that in the aromatic?