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Reply to "In the market for a gas grill"

Well today was our event at the store.
My old Summit cooked 300 hamburgers and 300 costco hotdogs.
Still works great !

The cleaning you all mentioned is all that's needed.
A good scraping with a flat wall scraper and brushing.
If you want to get really fancy a shot of oven cleaner then a good rince with the hose, but after you need to wash the whole cart and all with a degreaser.

A good trick for the grills is to stick them in your oven on a grill when you auto clean.
I had 3 oven grills that came with my oven and I only used 2 so I sacrificed one for cleaning my BBQ grills.
(The auto clean makes the oven grills lose their lustre, the BBQ grills lose their luster after the first BBQ)
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