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Reply to "In the market for a gas grill"

Originally posted by g-man:
what do you think Vinaigre?

I've sold quite a few Genesis.
I've never had any issues about rusting, and we are in Qu├ębec. Even the most recent ones.
That being said, I'm confident that the $800.00 weber will outlast 4 $200.00 BBQ's. Plus as I mentioned in 8 years it will still be working almost like new.

One of the known qualities of Weber is their enameling. That IMO hasn't changed.

What you have to keep clean is the insides. If you don't clean it out once and a while all the crap just corrodes the burners. Weber's burners are very resistant. But a good cleaning will help it last.
Like I mentioned, my 2005 runs almost like new, but the lighter boxes corroded out. they are in the open so all the fat and sauces just ate tru the stainless... Another issue that they improved.