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Reply to "In the market for a gas grill"

Originally posted by Parcival:
--Weber Summit: Actively decided not to get another Weber Summit because the build quality of the new model did not come close to matching the build quality of my older Weber Summit (which is now at my sister's house and chugging along just fine after 10+ years). That said, Weber is a great company to work with, provides excellent customer service, and stands by their product. So, I have no doubt the current model would be great . . . just didn't feel so great. I eliminated this from consideration only because of the Lynx price I got. . . otherwise, I would have been deciding between KitchenAid and Weber

Here's my 2 Cents
I'm ITB of BBQ's
I really like Weber's !!
We carry mostly Broil King and Weber BBQ'S (We have some lower end models) so I cannot comment on the other brands.
Our Customer base is mostly the condo market and apartment market (Being in downtown Montréal)
We do sell some higher models of Weber, I have owned a Genesis and just changed my 2005 Summit 6 burner, still working fine but needs new starter boxes (That is going to be used a our store for events and staff) Just this past weekend I got another Summit 4 burner with rotisserie and side burner. (Got a Smokey Mountain smoker also, very well made !!)

I find that the new ones are a little thinner on the doors and accessory panels. However the cover and base seem on par with my older Summit. I find the overall design to be much more functional and well thought of. They addressed a lot of issues I didn't like (not because I mentioned anything, just noticed that it's better)
The controls were flat before and the snow would freeze the buttons in the winter, now they're vertical, there's also a slope on the control panel that the snow and ice will melt off easier.
A lot of other changes for the positive....

The one thing I like about Weber is they work well and work like new for almost their whole life. My 2005 is just as predictable as when it was new.
Also as stated, the customer service is top notch.
Although their distribution will be changing in Canada, they were distributed along side the Broil King line and now will be handled by their own sales and distribution.