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Reply to "In the market for a gas grill"

Originally posted by marcb7:
Is it a cart? Or insert?

Any issues leaving it outside in the winter?

Cart and I love it! I forget the exact dimensions. . . but I think it's 42" (has 2 main burners plus an infrared. Has the rotisserie attachment). On the cart, there are two sliding drawers on the left (one on top of the other) and the two doors on the right opening to the gas-canister compartment. I bought a slider shelf so that I could easily slide the gas canister out).

We had a brutal winter in Boston this year with over 5 feet of snow. There is literally no sign of wear or tear on this cart. It is incredibly heavy gauge steel . . . no rust, no nothing. And, what's more . . . in the middle of winter, I cleared off 3 feet of snow off the grill and it fired right up. Couldn't recommend the Lynx any more highly.

Only other grills in this league that I looked at were:
--Fire Magic: Fantastic grill but even more expensive than the Lynx and no one in my area carries them, so I worried about how I would get it serviced if I had a problem

--Kalamazoo duel fuel: This is my pipe-dream grill. I have seen this once but it was not in use. If you have >$18,000, this is one killer kitchen replacement (if it performs as well as it is advertised). Problem again is that no one in my area carries it so hard to know what the hype is about

--Wolf: Not in the Lynx of above grill league. I can't imagine that Wolf actually makes this grill as opposed to contracts it out and puts their name plate on it. Construction definitely did not seem up to Wolf oven quality

--Kitchen Aid: Seemed like a nice grill with good quality construction. This was not as industrial feeling as the Lynx or Fire Magic and costs about the same as current model Weber Summits. But, again, I eliminated this from consideration only because of the good deal I got on the Lynx otherwise this would have been in contention

--Weber Summit: Actively decided not to get another Weber Summit because the build quality of the new model did not come close to matching the build quality of my older Weber Summit (which is now at my sister's house and chugging along just fine after 10+ years). That said, Weber is a great company to work with, provides excellent customer service, and stands by their product. So, I have no doubt the current model would be great . . . just didn't feel so great. I eliminated this from consideration only because of the Lynx price I got. . . otherwise, I would have been deciding between KitchenAid and Weber

-DCS: saw and used this once at a local BBQ shop. I liked it quite a bit. Uses a different heating element than all the above that is supposed to manage flare ups exceptionally well. I think I passed on this only because I didn't like the cart options the store had in stock for this. But, worth a look