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Reply to "In the market for a gas grill"

Originally posted by Parcival:
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Im in the market for a new grill...something fairly large, 4-6 burners with a side burner etc. Any suggestions? Ive had great luck with Vermont Castings and Weber in the past but after reading Gman's post that Weber is now using inferior steel, I also am a bit upset.

so apparently the way to find out

is goto the store and take a magnet

if it sticks it's inferior steel

Interesting test. Does this have anything to do with the gauge of the steel?

I'm going to need to go back and check my physics, but if a magnet sticks to "steel," does that suggest that the steel is actually an inferior composite including other metals with some degree of magnetism? Going to Wikipedia this

weber went from 304 series to 430 series

Type 304
Used for a wide variety of home and commercial applications. One of the most familiar & frequently used alloys in the stainless steel family. Common applications include Sanitary, Cryogenic, and Pressure-containing applications, Home and commercial appliances, Tank structural parts and processing equipment

Type 430
decorative steel, used for automotive trim; ferritic. Good formability, but with reduced temperature and corrosion resistance.

304. if it's good enuf for a tank, it's good enuf for a weber. and why alot of you old timers say webers last forever.

however the newer models below summit are 430 steel now.