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Reply to "I am new & here to learn"

Yeah I guess you're right. I guess I'll mix up some lard and shortening and confectioner's sugar and chow down on that. Or nowadays I guess it's just the shortening as lard is too expensive.

Then when my mouth is coated with shortening and puke, I'll write some tasting notes on a wine and talk about the minerality and nuance I discern because, well, wine is different from everything else in the whole world.

We become better wine tasters by ignoring most of what we eat?

Sure. People who can't or won't notice anything else become discerning and wise when it comes to wine.

I get it. I was wrong.

What the hell do I know anyway? I was responding to someone who asked about improving his palate. I said to pay attention. Silly me.

Apothic outsells pretty much any other wine these days, so that's good enough for him. Why drink some snotty high-horse wine? Don't pay attention to anything. Factory-produced crap is just fine thank you.

Sorry OP.

Don't pay attention to anything. You improve your palate by writing tasting notes. Get a thesaurus and you're good.
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