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Reply to "I am new & here to learn"

PH - you are completely right. I was not talking about someone rating some wine 93 and someone else 74 or something of that nature. My point was simply that if one pays attention, one takes note of what one puts in one's mouth.

Industrial products manufactured in factories?

Nobody on this board is in the position of starving and having to eat whatever scraps they can find like some medieval wretch. We're very fortunate in that respect.

What a shame it is to forgo all the bounty that we have and instead consume factory-made products that substitute for food. You are of course right regarding the judgement call - we can all make our own.

The people who fabricate those food-like products are no fools. They know that humans are hard-wired to appreciate fats and sugars. So that's what they deliver. If you talk to those designers, they will readily admit that the products are not made for reflection or consideration - they're made for mindless consumption.

The people who produce wines like Apothic, Cupcake, etc., are targeting the same audience. There is obviously a huge market for those things and to be sure, people are quite free to enjoy whatever blows their hair back.

But the OP asked how to be a better taster. I said to pay attention to what he consumes. I stand by that.

Wine is something we consume. If someone is unable to distinguish factory-fabricated products from something a little bit closer to a farm, that speaks for itself. But by paying attention, one can learn. One develops his "wine palate" by developing his palate period. Among other things, one learns to tell when something is fresh, when it is spoiled, and it cannot possibly spoil.

I was not and am not looking for an argument. Just answering the OP's question. Cheers!