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Reply to "I am new & here to learn"

Originally posted by irwin:
You can do it at home, but it is more fun with a bunch of other folks.
There is a good book by the wine critics at the NY Times. A good way to get into this hobby is to find a local wine shop with folks you trust and most have tastings these days.
Taste, taste and taste.
don't by a case of anything.
Good luck.

Excellent advice.

Your LWS(local wine shop) might provide you info on any local group that might be getting together to taste. Join in if you can. If you live near a larger city, there will will be many options for formal tastings, but there's nothing like an intimate local group to develop closer friendship and tastng "buddies".
There are two books I always recommend--"Wine for Dummies", and Hugh Johnson/Jancis Robinson's "World Atlas of Wine", which help to provide a solid foundation. Read/taste/read/taste/read/taste....
And of course, participate in these forums (don't mind the occasional snarkiness--it's all in fun), there are a lot of great people and great info around here.