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Reply to "How much longer will this forum survive?"

sunnylea57 posted:

I don't mind the look of the forum. The only thing that I find frustrating is the search function. It's so limited. Even the Advanced Search is next to useless.

  • The default search is for "Everything", but I think it should be changed to "Forums" because (a) it allows you to search within specific Forums (e.g. "Wine Conversations" or "Travel and Entertainment") and (b) I expect most people don't know that they can switch between search types (Everything, Forums, Members, User Wall Posts) by clicking on the tiny blue dropdown at the top of the search page.
  • You can't limit your search to a specific content type, e.g. the Subject line, body text... Please add a "Content Type" field to the "Everything" and "Forums" search areas.
  • You can search for a user, but you can't search for posts by a specific user that contains specific words or phrases. For example, I'd like to search for posts by user OTW that contain the word "rosé". Can't do it. Please add a "User Name" field to the "Everything" and "Forums" search areas.
  • What are "Tags" and why is this a search field? I don't see anywhere on the forum that you can add tags to your posts. So what's the point of this field?
  • What are "User Wall Posts" (one of the search areas that you can select from the top dropdown menu)? I didn't know I could create my own "wall posts". Anyone want to tell me how to do it?

I also would like it if could actually "like" a post. I mean, the option is there at the bottom of every post but when you click on it, the popup says "We're sorry, you cannot like this reply." How dare the forum dictate what I can like and dislike! 😜 Either activate this feature or remove it.

I agree with sunny.  I don't mind the format, but there is room for improvement on the functionality.