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Reply to "How far in advance do you rub your brisket?"

Originally posted by BRR:
Some of you jokers have done a real nice job at demonstrating some real restraint! We're talking about rubbing your meat here, and you've all been well behaved! Bravo! Razz

I picked up the meat yesterday and the butcher handed over a beautiful, but HUGE 15 pounder. It's the flat and the point, all in one cut.

Would you brisket masters advice separating the flat and point, or just keeping them as one and smoking it that way?

Recommend separating for 2 reasons:
1) Flat cut is generally going to be not as thick as the point cut so it would be hard to get even cooking across both parts. By the time the point cut is cooked, the flat cut will be overcooked

2) Point cut should have much more marbling so is going to really benefit from low and slow cooking. Flat cut also works well low and slow, but I've just not be able to get the tenderness that I've gotten from a point cut b/c it's generally a leaner part of the cut

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