Reply to "How about cooked wine?"

i have a tempratur/humidity mesuring aparat.
(feuchtigkeits und temperatur-messgerät)

when the cooler runs (like now),
i trow most of the water it go's in a container,
back on the flor.
sometimes i do hang long wet towels every were.
but only in years like 2003, when the cooler has to run and run and run....

i wont accept that the wines go up to 19-21!

there is quite a money and culture in the cellar, i wont be happy to let it develop badly.
that is the reason my winecellar is 1 hour drive away from were i live.

look in internet, ebay, and stores
some of the asian brands are not as expensiv as they were earlier.
maybe you can find an used (from a coolhouse)
(restaurants haben einen kühlraum) they work perfectly and maybe you find one foe 110-300 euro.