Reply to "How about cooked wine?"

great line of thought here...
my 2cents...
I live in central Arizona, the wine purveyors for all of this area come out of Phoenix. Can't buy a wine in this state that does not go through Phoenix. Their warehouses are usually refrigerated, but some of the reps say that some corners of the storage room are hotter than others.
The trucks that deliver all have refrigeration units. Most work, some do not. I have had wine delivered to the restaurant I work at that seems as if it was put in the back of a car trunk for the two hour drive north to my place: hot, drippy, smelly.
The drivers, for the most part, don't get the need for temp and handling controls. They're just truck drivers.
As a side note to cooked wines and storage, my "cellar" gets to 80 degrees (or more) in our hot summers - 100 degrees F outside - to 40 degrees F in the winter. I opened a 95 brunello that seemed flat and lost most of its fruit. This bottle had been there for three years.
My friends all joke that I speed up the aging process in the summer, and stop it in the winter. Schoolmarm, what do you think?
All joking aside, I'm buying a wine cooler.