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Reply to "How about cooked wine?"

as ever schoolmarm,

great answer!

i would like to add:

i beleve that a wine that has exposed to a highter temprature highter as 22-24┬░celsius even for a short time,
is encumbered for aging.
and it dos not age as well as a bottle with perfect colling-history.
about how long it take for a damage, i don't know, personally i would ask, why do you think it will need more than just a moment?

yes, i think most wines are sold, had some when a highter temparature.
the diffrence, you can see at winerys like robert weil, they have a "feine auslese" 1949 in fresh conditions, never left the cellar, do you beleve to buy somewere in a store a bottle of that, that is in same conditions?

the problem is that as it cant be controlled, you would have to be critic but also belever.