How about cooked wine?

When a wine is exposed to high temperatures I have heard it turns to vinegar.

Are there different degrees of cooked wine? Some wines that are not vinegar but boring, dull, taste bad etc.

How long does it take for high temperature or temperature fluctuatiuons to ruin a wine? A day,
a week, a month a year I am a sure there is a range but include a best and worse case scenario if you can.

Do you think there are a lot of stores that are selling wine that is not being properly cared for?

How prevalent are damaged wines that were shipped in bad temperatures?

Ever since I found out about the importance of temperature I have been a little paranoid about where I buy my wine.

I like grocery stores where the wine faces open refrigeration but I wonder what kind of truck the wine came on.

I am also to the point where I fear Beverages and More because I have been there before when it was uncomfortably hot.
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